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The Hot Setup Engine Heater (Front Page)
The Hot Setup Engine Heater (Back Page)
Heater Kit Assembly Instructions
Two Engine Heaters & Laptops Prepare Streamliner For Run
Ice fills the 3 nose compartments for engine & turbo cooling
Streamliner Pushed Off For Record Run
ABOVE: Team JCB sets new record for diesel powered cars (350.092 MPH) at Bonneville in August 2006

Heating Two Engines with One Heater
Removing Air from Cooling System using Expansion/Header Tank Overflow Line

Speed Parts International manufactures the following equipment for the racing industry:

Competition Engine Coolant and Oil Heaters

Race Tire Air Driers

Drag Race Engine Coolers

Automatic Double Winged Flapper Valves

Light Weight Dry-Break Fittings

Tire Tornado

Heater connection for
Late Models with AN
connection on radiator

Available in -12 & -16

Flapper Valve with Dry-Break Fittings Installed
Dry-Break Fittings (1/2" male NPT)