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All Hot Setup engine heaters are now supplied with externally adjustable thermostats.

Heater kits contain the same exact quality components as our fully assembled heaters. The only difference is you supply the time to assemble the components (see Heater Kit Assembly Instructions "BELOW" for details).

The Hot Setup Engine Heater (Front Page)
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Heater Kit Assembly Instructions
Two Engine Heaters & Laptops Prepare Streamliner For Run
Ice fills the 3 nose compartments for engine & turbo cooling
Streamliner Pushed Off For Record Run
ABOVE: Team JCB sets new record for diesel powered cars (350.092 MPH) at Bonneville in August 2006

Heating Two Engines with One Heater
Removing Air from Cooling System using Expansion/Header Tank Overflow Line

Speed Parts International manufactures the following equipment for the racing industry:

Competition Engine Coolant and Oil Heaters

Drag Race Engine Coolers

Automatic Double Winged Flapper Valves

Light Weight Dry-Break Fittings

Tool Box Oil Heater
Coolant Circulator
10 Gallon Chiller -- Holds 40 lbs. of Crushed Ice

Heater connection for
Late Models with AN
connection on radiator

Automatic Double Wing Flapper Valve
Flapper Valve with Dry-Break Fittings Installed
Dry-Break Fittings (1/2" male NPT)