Trans-Am Big Brake Kit
Reproductions of the front disc brake kit DOZX 2B513-A, as shown on page 13 of the BOSS 302 Chassis Modification Book, Vol. MP 1070, using 1970 Mustang spindles, hubs and tie rod ends, 1965-66 T-Bird/1965-69 Lincoln calipers and 1968 LTD rotors. All parts, with the exception of the caliper mounting brackets and brake line components, are original Ford. Kit consists of the following components: Spindles*, Hubs*, Wheel Studs (standard length, 2 inches), Bearings and Seals, Caliper Mounting Adapters (precision CNC machined from J-20 steel), Grade 8 Fasteners, stainless steel brake hoses with fittings, brake discs (minimum useable diameter 11.5 in. (292 mm) x 1.18 in. (30 mm) thick), tie rod ends, 4-piston calipers*, rebuilt with new 1.95 inch stainless steel pistons, (new stainless steel crossover tubes, CNC bent to provide extra clearance between caliper and wheel), standard brake pads** and brake pad hold down clips. * Re-used parts are Inspected for damage and magnafluxed. All other parts are new. Historic Racers: Our kit retains the original 5 on 4 ½ in. wheel bolt spacing and provides adequate clearance to install American Racing Equipment "15 inch, Torq-Thrust D" wheels without the use of performance robbing and dangerous wheel spacers. To obtain the required caliper to wheel clearance, the ridge on the outer face of the calipers is machined to a reduced thickness. Due to slight variations in wheel casting dimensions, some wheels may require the removal of a small amount of material to allow adequate clearance between the wheel spoke and caliper ridge. ** Carbon Metallic "Black" Brake Pads also available.

CNC machined caliper adaptors
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